The exhibit was mounted by MSHHIG members Lynne Davis, Pat Edwards, Hal Reynolds, Anna Marie Taylor and Dianne Walker. Bruce Bernhard joined the group to provide the transportation history.

In addition, the MSHHIG wishes to thank the following people/groups for their help in making the exhibit possible:

Lise Aftergut Stan Dewey (Magic Bus) Steve Lustig
Bettina Aptheker Lee Felsenstein Jim Novosel
John Aronovici Steve Finacom Lisa O'Reilly
The Bancroft Library Phyllis and Phil Gale Therese Pipe
Emily Beckhusen Terry Grange Martin Reynolds
Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association Graduate Theological Union Michael Rossman
Berkeley Historical Society Al Haber (Circus) Barbara Sargent
Judy and Bruce Bernhard Jim and Melissa Hopkins Bill Savidge (Circus)
Deanne Burke John King (Tot Park) Earl Scheelar
Berkeley Public Library Jack LaLanne Jane Scherr
Berkwood Hedge School Dan Lambert (Ratzlesnatch) Meg Veitch
Audel Davis Alice Landauer Victoria Veitch
Carol Dembling (Vito Lab) Lasher’s Electronics Walden School
Michael Lerner

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We are indebted to volunteer Michael Lindsey for making it possible to give our exhibit a permanent home through this website. His computer expertise and interest in our project allowed us to make this important local history available to the broader public. We cannot thank him enough for his tireless work and good-natured support over the many months it took to complete the project.