District Personalities

Feodor A. Postnikov, Balloonist and Esperanto Pioneer (b)


In 1911, the family settled into the house at 1633 Dwight Way. While looking for an engineering job Postnikov worked as the Berkeley Circulation Manager for the San Francisco Chronicle. He used the barn at the rear of the house to stable a horse. He would take the horse to pick up papers from the early morning train from San Francisco for delivery by his sons and other young boys. In 1986, when the current occupants moved to the house, there were still cart wheel tracks and horse hoof marks in the soil of the driveway.

In 1920 he was one of the engineers assigned to the construction of the U.C. Stadium. He claimed it was “a crazy place to build a stadium; it was on a fault!” Postnikov moved to Arkansas in 1929 and died in 1952.